The vision for CentrePiece

CentrePiece transforms fine furniture into contemporary design icons.

This is not simply furniture restoration, it is the meticulous reinvention of each piece. The finished article is often breathtaking and always unique - and can be as individual as your taste.

Take for example a classic, Edwardian, mahogany tallboy, expertly prepared then reclothed in the Mediterranean splendour of Riva's Positano wallpaper and beautifully hand-finished in black and gold lacquers. The result is stylish, suprising, singular - epitomising a CentrePiece transformation.

But if this piece is not exactly to your taste, CentrePiece is where your inspiration meets the artist's eye and the craftsman's skill. You can commission us to create for you the perfect complement to your room decoration and furnishing. Whether you're harmonising with an existing design scheme, or seeking to make a statement, your CentrePiece furniture will attract admirers and demand attention.

The people

CentrePiece is run by John and Kay Harris from their studio/workshop in West London.

John Harris studied advertising design at The Central School of Art and St Martins. He worked as an Art Director and Creative Director for several of London's leading ad agencies during advertising's 'Golden Age', picking up a host of awards and winning coveted membership of the Design & Art Directors Association.

He now invests each CentrePiece artefact with the same artistic sensibility and attention to detail that he exhibited then.

Harris is an assiduous student of his craft. He has mastered over a period of years the processes he employs and works only with high quality, robust furniture. The pieces in the collection on the accompanying pages are all finished to his incomparably high standards.

Kay Harris was a director of a major West End art studio for many years before pursuing a successful career as consultant to some of Europe's top fashion houses. Kay shares her husband's creative passion and love of fine furniture. She runs the business side, sourcing the pieces and materials and discussing with clients the intricacies of each commission.


When you buy or commission a CentrePiece, you can be absolutely sure you will own a unique item of furniture.

You may be able to recognise a CentrePiece from its distinctive style, but no two items will ever be quite the same because we only work on single, individually sourced pieces and use a bespoke surface design and treatment for each one.

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