Commissioning CentrePiece furniture

Because each piece is unique our clients can be fully involved in the transformation. You can commission us to create a CentrePiece just for you to your own specification or you can ask us to put forward a proposal. Similarly, we can work with your own furniture or we can source furniture for you against your brief.

Either way we will ideally need to have sight of the intended setting for the piece and discuss it in detail with you and/or your interior designer so that we are fully in tune with your ultimate vision for it. Once you have instructed CentrePiece we will commence the transformation when you have seen and agreed our final proposals and price. At this point we will also ask you for a deposit.

If you would like to discuss commissioning in more detail, or purchase any still available pieces shown here, please contact Kay Harris.

Candidate furniture

Both period and contemporary wooden furniture is suitable for transformation but it must be solidly constructed from good quality materials - the sort that would have been highly desirable and expensive when new!

Furniture that has been stained, french polished, varnished or painted is normally suitable provided that it is in sound condition. Scuffs and scratches can usually be repaired but furniture that has loose joints, bubbling veneers, ill-fitting drawers or is split or warped is generally unsuitable. Please consult us if in doubt.

Upholstered furniture is only suitable if the upholstered part is on its own frame and is easily removable from the piece being transformed.

Sourcing furniture for you

CentrePiece mostly source furniture at auctions or through good quality antique and used furniture sales rooms but sometimes we find the right piece on line. When you commission us to find a suitable piece of furniture we will agree a budget with you and only purchase it on your behalf once you have seen and approved an image of it.

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