There is no set price for a CentrePiece transformation. The price depends on many factors; the size and quality of the furniture, complexity of the transformation, cost of materials, the time required to do the work, time required for meetings etc. Currently, prices range from £1200.00 to £2,800.00.

CentrePiece provides an estimate once we have seen the piece and discussed the type of transformation to be carried out. When you have approved this we will ask for a 50% deposit to cover our costs and commitment. The balance will be due on completion and delivery of the commission.

Lead times and delivery

Lead times for delivery from the start of the work is currently between four and six weeks but we make every effort to improve upon our estimates.

Each CentrePiece needs to be delivered in perfect condition. We are therefore happy to arrange transportation for an additional cost or clients may arrange to collect the item themselves.

To discuss any aspect of this please contact Kay.