The transformation process

As with most decorative processes preparation is key and we leave no stone unturned in this respect. Each piece is thoroughly cleaned, any damage made good and drawers and doors eased, before being treated for any signs of woodworm or mould.

It is then prepared to receive the selected media which to date has mainly been selected combinations of designer wallpapers and paints. In future however the media may encompass not only wallpapers and paints but also fabrics, veneers and other printed items such as large scale prints.

These are meticulously and seamlessly applied by hand and then finished with several coats of protective lacquer so that the piece can withstand normal everyday use. Gloss, satin or matt lacquer can be used according to personal taste and aesthetic requirement.

Caring for a CentrePiece

As mentioned above, each CentrePiece transformation has been meticulously hand crafted using the finest materials and should give purchasers many years of pleasure with considerate use.

However, as with any quality furniture, care should be taken to remove spills promptly, using a damp absorbent cloth, and to avoid knocking with brooms, vacuum cleaners etc. and in particular to avoid spills from strong dyes and solvents, such as nail varnish products, which will stain or damage the surfaces.

To keep the furniture in tip top condition, wipe the surfaces occasionally with a cool damp cloth and then buff up with a dry cotton cloth. Under no circumstances should petrol, white spirit, cellulose thinners, other solvents, abrasives or furniture polish be used to clean the furniture or remove marks.

If in doubt please contact us.

Caring for the environment

The CentrePiece ethos encourages recycling of fine quality furniture that, because it had become unfashionable, may otherwise have been consigned to the attic.

Much of the furniture we recycle has been made from what are now considered endangered species like mahogany and walnut. So in our own small way we feel we are contributing to the preservation of the rain forests.

Wherever possible we use materials made from sustainable or recycled sources and eco-friendly water based paints and varnishes.

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